The Crimean Prosecutor's Office forms evidence for the second "Nuremberg trial" over Russian occupation forces

Nuremberg trialOn November 20, 1945, the trial over the former leaders of Hitler's Germany began in the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. The main war criminals - politicians, military, ideologues of Nazism were convicted of crimes against peace, against humanity, war crimes.


Welcome to Chernihiv

I'm glad to greet you in the glorious and legendary city, in the northern capital of Ukraine, in the city of diversity and recreation for every taste! Today we are in the city of Chernihiv! The city, which attracts with its history, culture, sights and beauty of any, even the most demanding, tourist! It is a city of beautiful girls, mystical stories, green parks and extreme sports! Welcome to Chernihiv!

Why Learning Foreign Languages?

Why Learning Foreign LanguagesAs the world becomes increasingly connected, knowing how to speak two or more languages is a skill that’s in growing demand no matter where you live or work. It’s amazing how far an additional language can get you, especially nowadays when global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organizations to thrive.